Learn Well, Love Better

Emily Myrick
Ziegler Photography

Hey there!

I’m overjoyed you’ve chosen to spend some time with me here in my tiny slice of the world.

I’ll keep this short and sweet because I truly believe you can best get to know a writer by her art – that is, through the work of her words.

I started seriously writing as a result of being saved by Jesus. I fell in love with the Bible, read many theological articles, watched sermons online, listened to endless podcasts, and Google searched from the simplest of questions (can I pray with my eyes open?) to the heaviest of them all. I had so many thoughts running through my mind, I had no choice but to write them all out. Less than two years later I added becoming the best wife I could be to my studies.

What I realized is that the more I pursue God, the more convictions I have that demand to be turned into something worth sharing. If I Learn Wellthrough Scripture, Christian resources, and careful study  – I am able to LoveGod, my husband, my neighborsBetter. I’ve always had a love for thoughts that have been turned into beautifully crafted words, and it is my hope that during your time here I can inspire and encourage you to learn well and love better.

Here’s a little description on each of the categories you’ll find here:

  • Faith // I strongly believe that the Bible is the best way to learn about God; the more we devote ourselves to knowing God the better we can love him. It is my hope that my writings here stir a deeper love for God’s word in your heart, and inspire you to live out your faith like the Jews in Acts 17:11, who “examined the Scriptures daily”.


  • Marriage // The most beautiful part of marriage is that it is the closest thing we have on earth to the eternal picture of the gospel. It is truly a testimony to the Lord’s amazing grace that he would allow his creation to image himself and his purpose. Marriage is something worth building up. It is truly a deep-clean for your spiritual life. A healthy marriage brings you closer to God, through the sanctification process of learning, forgiving, and repentance.


  • Homemaking // I believe homemaking is an art that is not only practical, but one of the best ways to serve your spouse. Whether you hold a vocation outside of the home, or your primary job is taking care of your children, homemaking isn’t just a hobby – it’s a lifestyle.


  • Myrick Memories // I’m a sucker for a good love story. In this section of the blog I’ll share with you some of the most dear-to-me memories that belong to me and my husband. You’ll often see them pop up in other categories as well, as the stories I tell often are just events God uses to showcase his glory and sanctify us along the way.


Now you’re free to go read some slices of my heart. I hope you get fresh ideas on how to learn well in order to love God and those in your life better. Please stay awhile and visit often.

with love,

Emily Myrick

Myrick Marriage
Ziegler Photography

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