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Iron sharpens iron,

and one person sharpens another.

(Proverbs 27:17, CSB)

You have a unique story.

Maybe you don’t have freckles across your nose, maybe you didn’t grow up riding horses in the Midwestern United States. Maybe you’re just thinking about preparing for marriage, maybe you’re recently engaged (yay!), or maybe you’ve been married much longer than I. Maybe you’ve known Jesus since you were a young child, or have just recently made the decision to live for him.

Maybe you don’t know Jesus at all. Maybe you aren’t sure who he really is, or if he really is. That’s okay, friend, you’re welcome here just as much as anyone.

Wherever you are on your unique journey, I will share my mistakes and successes to inspire you to love better in your own life. I’ve always had a love for thoughts that have been turned into beautifully crafted words, and now I’ve written this blog for you. I’m so excited to call you friend.

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Myrick Marriage Wedding Party

Photos by Ziegler Photography

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