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Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You want to be a good wife, but sometimes the pressure to be that perfect “Proverbs 31 Woman” brings defeat to your heart. The endless cleaning, daily cooking, and overwhelming planning has you feeling less-than and completely exhausted. You love your husband, you want to serve him in Christlikeness, but the stress of daily life has sucked the joy out of your marriage (like the vacuum you know you should be using more often…) and you’re not sure how to be the best wife for him.

Dear friend, allow me to let you in on a little secret I learned at the beginning of my own wife-life journey. That Proverbs 31 Woman? The “ideal wife” that you’ve been only wishing to be? What if I told you there was one thing that allowed her to “do it all” that would give you full access to her superwoman-like powers?

Yes, being a good wife definitely involves the practical things we do for our families. But I quickly realized without learning how to love better, I’ll never be the best wife I can be. Love isn’t just a feeling – it’s a choice to be selfless and count your spouse more significant than yourself. Through the testing moments of sanctification I’m learning, I’m growing closer to the Lord, and I’m able to love better because of him. To become a better wife, one must become a better lover. To become a better lover, one must draw near to Love Himself.

We love because he first loved us.

(1 John 4:19, ESV)

Proverbs 31:17 tells us this woman of faith, “draws on her strength”. Where does her strength come from? No, not the mountains, not even from within herself, but from the Lord himself (Psalm 121:2). I can’t do this whole “better wife” thing apart from the strength of Jesus, and I invite you to admit the same – so you also can grasp onto the freedom and power he will provide when you do.

It is my hope that the Married Myrick blog will encourage, inspire, and equip you to seek Christ in all that your daily life entails, that you will learn well and love your spouse – and the Lord – better.

Friend, I’m so glad to have you here, so please be sure to comment on your favorite blog posts and check out the free Learn Well Library for all of the latest resources to help you be the best wife you can be, by learning well to love better.

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