How to Spend Time in God’s Word (even when you’re way too busy)

but his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night. (Psalm 1:2, ESV)

You know you should read your Bible daily. But if you’re anything like me, some days are packed way too full with a demanding to-do list, crazy workload, and a pile of laundry to fold that’s been sitting for a day or two.

When’s a girl gonna do her Bible study?

I wish I could be a morning person, but my eyes will hardly open and the grump doesn’t completely wear off until 10 AM most days. Sometimes when I’m traveling for work I won’t get to my hotel room until after 9 PM, and by then my mind needs a few moments to unwind before I fall fast asleep.

I could give you 132 reasons why I’m too busy to spend time in God’s word, but the truth is, this is the #1 priority I should have in my life.

More on that here: Is Reading the Bible Daily Worth It?

I can’t be a good wife, daughter, sister, friend, employee, or writer without spending time with the Lord.

It’s so incredibly crucial for my life in the here and now (and for eternity) that I’ve managed to find ways to make it a reality in my life, and I want to share with you 4 ways you can do it, too.

1. Attend an Organized Study

One of the best things you can do is to attend a consistent, weekly Bible study with a community of people in your area of the world. If it’s on the calendar, you’ve got to show up, or else be labeled flaky!

Studying the Bible with other believers is critical for your spiritual wellbeing.

Discussing biblical truth, digging into the word, asking and answering questions, and praying with fellow Christians will help you grow closer to the Lord and keep you accountable to your faith as you grow in spiritual maturity.

2. Hello, Audio Bible!

This is my secret hack.

If I had to choose one secret to spend more time in God’s word (without plainly creating more hours in the day) I would tell you: download a Bible app and start listening to Scripture.

I love to listen while I’m driving, doing household chores, getting ready in the morning, or even when I’m winding down for the day and I know my eyes won’t stay open if I start to read.

This slow reader right here is able to consume so much more of the Bible by listening to it than just reading. My mind is being filled with the truth of the word, and it is changing me even when I can’t tell in the moment.

3. Verse Check!

My best friend convinced me to try and memorize Bible verses with her a few months ago.

Reluctant as I was, it has been such a ground-breaking experience for my walk with the Lord. I am hiding away truth in my heart, and am pleasantly surprised with my ability to remember verses word-for-word.

Here’s my secret:

First, having an accountability partner has been a complete game-changer. During the week, Kellie will text me “Verse Check!” and, dropping whatever I’m doing, I have to immediately text her the verse from memory – no cheating! Knowing she will be texting me randomly keeps me accountable for rehearsing the verse because I don’t want to get caught reciting it completely wrong!

Secondly, making weekly lock screens for our phones helps us to keep the verse at the top of our mind throughout the day. I grab my phone hundreds of times daily, and each time I do I can glance down and read the verse, which helps it stick to memory.

Get my free Bible verse lock screens in my free Learn Well Library to memorize with me!

4. Do What You Can, Whenever You Can

Don’t think you can only spend time in God’s word when you have a solid 45 minutes or more to do a deep, through study.

I love to study like that, but the reality is I simply don’t have the time (or energy) to do that every day.

If I have the mindset of I can’t read without my time with the Lord looking perfect, I’ll miss out on shorter (but still extremely worthwhile) moments with God.

We should be spending quality time with the Lord, but we have to allow ourselves enough grace to be flexible with what we can do when we can.

Your study time doesn’t have to look “Instagram-worthy” to make an eternal impact on your soul. If all you have one day is 5 minutes to read, take advantage of each second.

I hope these four things I personally do to spend more time in God’s word will inspire and motivate you to do the same, despite your incredibly busy schedule.

If you have another tip for what works for your busy life, comment below, I’d love to know!





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