Meet Mrs. Myrick

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Well hey there, friend!

I’m overjoyed you’ve chosen to spend some time with me here. Grab your coffee (or lemonade!) and allow me to welcome you to my little slice of the world.

I started seriously writing as a result of being saved by Jesus. Around the time I met my now-husband I fell in love with the Bible, started reading many theological articles, watched sermons online, listened to endless podcasts, and Google searched from the simplest of questions (can I pray with my eyes open?) to the heaviest of them all. I had so many thoughts running through my mind, I had no choice but to write them all out. Less than two years later I added becoming the best wife I could be to my studies.

I’ve found the best way to become the best wife I can be is to pursue the Lord. Without him, I can do nothing (John 15:5), and being a good wife isn’t an exception to that rule. Because of his great mercy, I am able to navigate this wife-life with much grace and I have complete freedom from my mistakes to become better at loving every day.

Besides being a proud wife to an amazing LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) husband, I enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities (more on the less-dangerous scale though, please), being creative in the kitchen (the only rules I break are recipes!), and I’m also a certified plant-lady (I even studied how they grow in college!).

Now you’re free to go read some slices of my heart; go learn well to love better. Read the Blog or check out the free Learn Well Library (which is frequently updated with new resources just for you!). Please stay awhile and visit often.

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