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All My Joy is from Jesus

I was twenty years old when I first opened the Bible myself for the first time. I had this pressing on my heart for awhile to do so, and when I told my friend Silas he jumped at the opportunity. Little did I know how that leather-bound book would introduce me to Someone who would not only change my life – but give me a brand new one.

Jump nearly three years later, and that friend is now my husband and I couldn’t imagine life apart from God.

But as I’ve grown in my faith journey, I’ve come to realize that following Jesus is no easy feat. We come to Jesus just as we are, his death on the cross is our only righteousness. But can we continue in a life of sin? The new heart he gives can’t bear to do so.

As a new believer, I was completely on fire for the Lord. I devoured theological articles, attended two weekly Bible studies, watched sermons online, listened to endless podcasts, and Google searched from the simplest of questions (can I pray with my eyes open?) to the heaviest of them all.

But for a season of time a year or so after, the fire dwindled. Following Jesus became harder, I felt like I failed my Lord. My Bible sat, untouched, for far too many days in a row.

It wasn’t until I started writing again that I realized intentional, constant study of God’s word was essential to my soul. Timeless truths and the simpleness of the gospel need to be preached to my heart daily – for humans are of a forgetful mind indeed.

As my zeal for the Lord turns into maturity in Christ, I realize more how completely I need to depend on him to do everything. I’ve come to learn what it means to be a Christ-Enabled Woman; it means I have freedom, I have purposeI can do all things, but not on my own strength, only through Christ.

Friend, I’m so happy you’re here. I hope this label – Christ-Enabled Woman – is one you’ll join me in carrying, as we live a life seeking the Lord Jesus.

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