Why Your Marriage Has Eternal Purpose

From as far back as I remember, I longed to be a wife.

Whenever my elementary school friends and I played house, I always had to be the mother.

There was just something about the love of a husband and wife that I so dearly wanted for myself.

The thing is, I think women intuitively desire marriage because from the beginning of time God said it was not good for man to be alone (see Genesis 2:18).

God gives his people desire to mirror him, to display his glory to the world.

In marriage, women hold a unique role in mirroring something much larger than themselves.

In preparing for my own marriage, I’ve come to realize that this something larger is the gospel.

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I have the honor of announcing the rest of this week’s post will be available at one of my favorite blogs, Free Indeed. Dani, the author and dear sister in the Lord, has graciously allowed me to guest post this week, and I couldn’t be more excited for you to finish this post I’ve poured my heart into at her wonderful site.

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But Wait! There’s More . . .

I was so excited for this post. To give you an idea, I want you to picture those little butter mints that come wrapped in a shiny white packaging. You know, the kind that melt in your mouth? I love those things. As a kid, I would jump up and down and all around if they had a glitch and gave me TWO for one in the package.

I’m that excited, times 150.

I’m that excited, that when I sat down to write the blog I accidentally wrote over 3,000 words. AKA over 4 times what I was supposed to.

Typical Emily.

But not to worry, I’ve turned that into my first Bible Study Workbook and it’s available for you, in my Learn Well Library.

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