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6 Marriage Tips from a (Former Military) Police Wife

The truth is, being Silas’ wife was the no-deal-breaker promise I needed to force me to trust God – no matter what – in our relationship. I married Silas because I knew I would be able to follow God better, and even in our few months of marriage that has proven to be true.

However, a loving Pastor gave me one of the greatest gifts a Pastor could give to a bride-to-be. A few phone calls and texts later, and he arranged a coffee date for me and a former military/current police wife. I gleaned so much wisdom and encouragement from Bethany over that java in Kansas City.… Read More 6 Marriage Tips from a (Former Military) Police Wife

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Why Are All Christians Hypocrites?

Let me guess . . . you know a Christian who cusses, or drinks too much, or didn’t save sex for marriage. Maybe they go to church on Sundays (or skip more than they attend) but are the first to lose patience in line at the grocery store.

Plus, why are Christians all so incredibly judgemental?! Didn’t Jesus say “judge not lest you be judged?” Aren’t Christians supposed to be tolerant and loving?

Why are all Christians such hypocrites!… Read More Why Are All Christians Hypocrites?