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as a Christian Homemaker

learn how to actually enjoy
serving through your home

as a Christian Homemaker

learn how to actually enjoy
serving through your home

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Put an end to the homemaking burnout.

Let’s be honest, sometimes those mundane chores feel completely meaningless. Sometimes the photos on Pinterest convince us our homes aren’t enough.

Don’t stay stuck in the burnout of daily household tasks.

Don’t believe the lie that what you’re doing doesn’t matter.

Don’t let the world tell you not to be content creating beauty with what you have, where you are.

Don’t let your insecurities keep you from fulfilling your role as a hospitable homemaker.

With a little inspiration + encouragement, free printable resources, and a whole lot of depending on Jesus I know you’re going to actually enjoy serving through your home.

Let me Share my Secret

As a busy working wife, I know what it’s like to feel stressed out (am I even doing this right?) and worthless in my work (does this even matter?) as a homemaker.

But the more I’ve depended on Jesus in every area of my life, the more he’s shown me my work is my worship – and he is using what I do in and through my home.

Let that little secret sink in for a minute – the God of the universe is using what you do in and through your home, for amazing things. Your work does matter.

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If we want to be great homemakers, we need to be rooted in our faith in Jesus. Every good thing we do is a result of him working in and through us. I want to encourage you to grow as what I call a Christ-enabled Woman – because if he is the one we are praising and pursuing, our life and every task in it has meaning and purpose.


I believe with a little encouragement & inspiration you’ll find refreshing excitement to grow in your creativity as a homemaker. Oh, and don’t worry – I have plenty of free practical resources to help you with all the everyday stuff, too!


By the grace of God, marriage is a glimpse of the gospel. As wives, we have the privilege of living out what it means to be Christ’s Bride as we serve our husbands in love.

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